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Sales Lead Management Association Opens Nominations for “20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management in 2015“


The SLMA is accepting nominations for this year’s “SLMA 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management” recognition program.  Nominations, accepted until midnight on February 28, 2015, are for women working in marketing for B2B and B2C companies, as well as for ERP and CRM software, marketing automation software, telemarketing, digital lead generation, direct marketing, database, and sales lead management firms. This is the fifth year for the recognition program.

Only SLMA members (membership is free) are allowed to nominate women and from those nominations, twenty will be selected as the SLMA 20 Women to Watch in 2015.   Winners, chosen by a panel of independent judges, will be announced on Tuesday, April 1, 2015 at 10 a.m. PST. 

 Why it's improtant

“The SLMA would like to acknowledge women who contribute to the field of sales lead management and marketing. Those creating the greatest wealth for their companies are the women in marketing and technology who, we believe, too often do not get the credit they deserve.  Each year this program addresses that oversight by shining a spotlight on the women who are builders of wealth.”

 Richard Brock, CEO of Sales Talk Technologies, said “I commend all who are nominated for this prestigious award.  All of us in the industry recognize and applaud the strong leadership and vision that the SLMA Top 20 women contribute to this fast-paced and competitive industry.”

 Erika Goldwater, Vice President of Marketing for ANNUITAS, commented “There are many amazing women in sales and marketing leadership today, transforming the industry and the ways we view leadership. Take the time to nominate one of the colleagues you admire and help them achieve recognition for their accomplishments. As women, we don’t acknowledge ourselves as much as we should for our achievements – SLMA helps us address this.”

 Nominees are judged on their contributions to marketing, sales and sales lead management efforts.  Credentials such as book and article authorships, board positions, and speaking on behalf of the subjects of sales lead management and marketing ROI, are taken into account.  This program is not a popularity contest.    

 About the Sales Lead Management Association

The mission of the Sales Lead Management Association is to help companies become successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads.  Membership is free.  For information call Sue Campanale at (360) 933-1259. 

January 29, 2015

2015 Nominee: Jennifer Harmel, ANNUITAS


Nominee's Achievements:

Jennifer is a marketing executive and strategic thought-leader working with Enterprise clients for over 20 years. As Practice Director, Demand Process,Strategy and Principal of ANNUITAS, Jennifer drives a unique partnership with her clients; enabling not only stellar Demand Generation Strategy results, but true transformation of an organization via her extensive experience and multi-faceted coaching. Jennifer helps global clients with all aspects of a holistic Demand Process including Demand Generation, Content Marketing Strategy, Lead Management, Technology Process and Implementation, Email and Data Best Practices.

What sets Jennifer apart from others in the industry is that she acts as a change agent within an organization to ensure the strategic processes and methods developed for clients are achievable and implemented to drive transformation and achieve perpetual revenue. Clients include Underwriter Laboratories, Infor, Newell Rubbermaid,Citrix, Experian and Standard Register.

Jennifer manages the fast-growing ANNUITAS strategy team for leading enterprise clients. Jennifer received her MBA in international marketing from the University of South Carolina.

Nominee’s Achievement in the Field of Sales Lead Management:

Jennifer has lead Demand Generation Transformation recently at the some of the most recognized organizations including Underwriter Laboratories, Experian, Citrix, Standard Register and Newell Rubbermaid.

The results of her Strategy and Sales Lead Management work for clients include:

  • Doubled and often tripled conversion rates
  • Established Demand Generation Centers of Excellence
  • Created award-winning Content Marketing
  • Repeatedly exceeded revenue goals.

Most importantly, the work Jennifer helps clients with enables them to transform their organizations from a tactical to a strategic approach, building the people, process, content and technology to drive perpetual revenue after the ANNUITAS engagement ends.

Charitable Boards:

Jennifer serves as the Chairman of the Cutting Horse Committee of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo since 2013. Jennifer is one of only three women to hold this position since the organization’s inception in 1946.

Jennifer served as Vice Chairman and in various positions in the organization since 2003. The organization has raised over $375 million in youth scholarships, research, endowments and other educational youth programs via its 30K volunteers across 120 committees during its history.

Authorship (articles or books):

Syndicated blog in B2C Community http://www.business2community.com/author/jennifer-harmel

Contributor to ANNUITAS blog http://annuitas.com/2015/01/15/analytics-that-matter/

Jennifer is nominated by Erika Goldwater

January 28, 2015

2015 Nominee: Patti Rowlson, Patti Rowlson Consulting


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January 21, 2015

2015 Nominee: Kristin Connell, Deltek


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2015 Nominee: Marilyn Cox, Heinz Marketing


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March 26, 2014

2014 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management Selected

Sales Lead Management Association Announces Winners for 2014's

"20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management"

March 27, 2014 --Los Angeles, CA-- The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) announced the results of the “20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management” leadership program for 2014. CEO James W. Obermayer said, “The 20 women to watch in sales lead management create wealth for their employers and the companies they lead, and we are pleased to spotlight their accomplishments.”

Ron Goodman, SLMA’s VP of Business Development said, “We take pleasure in recognizing the leadership of those nominated and those who were chosen by a panel of judges. The ‘20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management,’ and their photos, appear on the SLMA site.”

In alphabetical order, the winners are:

Winners  Company/Accomplishments
Lisa Arthur    Teradata
Marge Bieler RareAgent
Karla Blalock PointClear
Lisa Cramer   LeadLife Solutions
Robyn Davis  When I Need Help
Jeanne Hopkins Continuum Managed Services
Jocelyn King Altera
Janet Lee  Lattice Engines
Liz McClellan PGi
Laura McGuire Saligent, Inc.
Barbara Morris Laser Image
Margery Murphy Acadia Lead Management
Simone Nabers ReadyTalk
Ellie Mirman HubSpot
Nancy Nardin Smart Selling Tools
Hila Nir ZoomInfo
Genie Parker VanillaSoft
Laura Patterson  VisionEdge Marketing, Inc.
Beki Scarbrough CA Technologies
Mari Anne Vanella The Vanella Group

The Process

SLMA members nominated forty-one women leaders in the field of sales lead management; from those nominated, twenty were selected. Nominees were judged on their contributions to sales lead management, marketing, and sales activities. Additional qualifications, such as board positions and authorships, were taken into account. The judges were:

Susan Fantle  The Copy Works

Ruth P. Stevens  eMarketing Strategy

Victor Kippes   Validar


About the Sales Lead Management Association

The mission of the Sales Lead Management Association is to help companies become successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads. The SLMA has 8,000 worldwide members and 300-plus articles from 60 authors on the SLMA website. Activities throughout the year include a blog, newsletter, ‘20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management,’ the ‘50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management,’ SLMA Weekly Radio (185 shows, 285 CEO Interviews), and the SLMALive Radio Channel: internet radio for marketers and salespeople. Sponsorship programs are available. For more information about SLMA, call Sue Campanale at 714-637-6989.

2014 Winner: Lisa Arthur, Teradata

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2014 Winner: Marge Bieler, RareAgent

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2014 Winner: Karla Blalock, PointClear

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2014 Winner: Lisa Cramer, LeadLife Solutions

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2014 Winner: Robyn Davis, When I Need Help

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